Climate Change Now International Law

The news cycle during the first 8 days of November had been preoccupied by the US Presidential elections, especially in the US, but also in many other countries.

Now that Trump has won Hillary supporters are in riot mode.

One is tempted to call out all who had false predictions and prophecies, but there is something more important that has gone under the radar which concerns us all.

On Friday, November 4, last week, a day before Guy Fawkes Night, when royalists celebrate the foiled plot on November 5, 1605, to kill King James I of England, by blowing up the House of Lords, the Paris Agreement to combat climate change became international law.

The Paris Climate Change Agreement has been signed by sufficient countries for it to become a binding treaty which will be enforcable by international law

The climate change propaganda says that the moral challenge and the most imperative action required today is to tackle global warming amid the growing fears that the world is becoming hotter, faster than scientists expected.

Climate change may be escalating so fast it could be ‘game over’, scientists warn.

Donald Trump promised to pull out the US from the Paris Climate Agreement once he is inaugurated as President.

Interesting times are ahead. Pulling out of agreements once ratified is not so easy to do for more reasons than one. Brexit is an example of this.

At this link you will learn that in April, 2016, the accord was signed by 196 nations in New York.

This means that the United Nations has been given power to prosecute anybody who breaks any of the associated determinations that are made concerning Climate Change—including speaking out against it.

Let’s revisit some realty.

Wired is an international magazine and news service that focuses on business, technology, lifestyle, and thought-leaders (people who are sought out because they are leaders or experts in a particular field of industry).

Some ten years ago, in the year 2006, this self-proclaimed cutting-edge service decided to grapple with Climate Change and sought out three thought-leaders (prophets) who had written books on the subject. Environmentalist authors Lester R. Brown, Elizabeth Kolbert and Tim Flannery were lined up to be interviewed by Mark Anderson.

Unfortunately, two of the interviews appear to be nonexistent. The first interview that Mark Anderson kicked off the series is still available.

Essentially, the following is the crux of that interview with Tim Flannery:

Wired News: Are you generally hopeful for the future in a climate-changing world? Tim Flannery:  “Things are worse than climate models are suggesting. The classic example of that is of the hurricane season…hurricane intensity …in the real world … arriving a hell of a lot faster than we see predicted in the computer models…. I’m really worried that we’re swiftly running out of time to deal with the problem. I do think that if we’re going to survive this first threat to global civilization….we will need to put ourselves on a war footing….”

Wired News quotes physicist Paul Davies, who claims that the evidence for catastrophic climate change is flimsy.

Flannery responds by saying, “Look at the fossil record, see what happens when we get rapid climate change…There will just be losers.…  [Flannery then says that we are to imagine what it will be like in 2016.]  Sea levels have started to rise quickly. And governments around the world are spending even more money than they are now in defending their low-lying areas. How much is the U.S. spending right now in New Orleans?  Imagine that cost replicated right around the southern and eastern coast of the U.S. And partly on the West Coast, too.
Imagine oil prices at twice or three times what they are today. 
Imagine the increased problems of hurricanes and insurance losses at the same time.  And imagine the problems of water availability as well, because we’re getting a lot of extreme weather…. In 10 years’ time [2016], we may not have the luxury of money and time to think about these things. And to act.”

We have just learned what Flannery prophesied in 2006. Now the year 2016 is nearly over and, instead of doubling or tripling in price, oil is around $44 a barrel, no where near the predicted price of approximately $180 a barrel.

The world is not yet a desert. In fact, record harvests  of grains have been recorded during 2016.

The Kiribati Islands were supposed to have been under water by now, instead they have actually increased in size.

What happened in New Orleans with Katrina is not happening there now and neither anything like it anywhere else on the coast of the USA.

The seas are not rising and flooding all the low-lying coastlines.

Hurricanes have been much less intense and fewer in number than were prophesied. Apart from Haiti, Hurricane Matthew did not create the damage predicted.

There is not going to be a mass extinction on Earth because of rising seas or flood.

Scaremonger Tim Flannery is on record in 2004 as having prophesied that Perth, Australia (pop. 2,000,000), would become the first ghost metropolis of the 21st century because it would have no water.

Flannery also prophesied there would be no water in the dams on the East Coast of Australia.

In 2010, Australia experienced its third-wettest year since national rainfall records began in 1900, with second place taken by 2011. The dams in the East Coast filled with water and Perth has access to sufficient water.

So much for the dire predictions of drought and extreme heat.

This year (2016) has been a very wet and cold year for Australia, with record rain recorded in Southern Australiasome of the flood damage from a creek in the pic below (or from this link).

Inline image 1

The Lord God told Noah that he would not flood the Earth again. Seas rising to flood the Earth are false according to the Bible.

Evolutionary theory is merely the imagination of men like supposed scientist Tim Flannery (who is on record claiming that Earth is the goddess “Gaia”).

The Bible also tells us that Jesus said that unless He returnsthe Earth would seedestruction like never before, but not because of a flood. This could only be a reference to nuclear war or something similar.

A war that would be so devastating that even the many underground shelters the elite have prepared for themselves would not save them.

Jesus is going to return soon. We who are alive now have a job to do.

The book of James tells us that if we bring another soul to salvation, we also guarantee the salvation of our own souls. 

Of course, this is providing we continue in walking in the ways of the Lord God.

Countries are going to face energy problems as part of the campaign to get people to submit to the will of the Soros’s of this world and those who control the global central banks.

If you think this will not happen, just think of all those people who were crying (link) for the Satanist, pedophile, witch, Hillary Clinton who ripped off billions from the $7 billion given to her to help the people of Haiti, just because she did not become President of the USA, and hold what is the most powerful political office on the globe.

How deceived can people be?

Truth Is Found Here


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