Fake News Found. But The Sheriff is Wrong.

Fake news was broadcast regarding what happened at Ferguson in 2014, but it was not born then.
Could fake news have been born in the Modern Era when Rothschild began selling government bonds indicating that Napoleon had won the battle of Waterloo?
Read Wikipedia and you would probably classify Rothschild making a fortune out of Waterloo as “fake news”. According to Wikipedia, for a Rothschild to do such a thing would be highly unlikely.
Somehow, David de Rothschild makes it to no.137 with $10 billion on the Richest 250 list. and Sir Evelyn, his father, at no. 41 on the list just happens to have twice as much; which is more in keeping for someone who manages the finances of the Queen of England.
Seriously, would you let a person run your financial affairs if they were in the business of running down the family fortune?
Apparently, fake news is what influences people to make political decisions, not the fact a person might not have a job, or open borders are magnets for terrorists and rapists, because of government policy.
Snopes is an organization that claims it is above deception and has no bias whatsoever. Snopes only highlights the truth, as in the case of Newsweek declaring Hillary Clinton, President, when Snopes reports:

An image showing Hillary Clinton on the cover of a Newsweek publication under the title “Madam President” is real but is not proof that the news outlet colluded with the Clinton campaign prior to the 2016 presidential election [to influence the voters].

Fact-Checking Snopes: Website’s Political ‘Fact-Checker’ Is Just A Failed Liberal [i.e.socialist/communist] Blogger

James O’Keefe blew the lid on the Democrats election rigging (using dead voters, busing in out-of-state voters to vote early and often at different polling booths, and other criminal tactics) and two key Democrat operators were dismissed. One of the vote riggers, Bob Creamer, met regularly with the fraudulent President Obama.
Snopes.com claimed the Project Veritas’ videos recording the Democrat operatives boasting how they violate the election laws, and have been getting away with it for years, were false, stating:

The videos are, as is typical of O’Keefe’s, work somewhat of a gish gallop, comprising a constellation of allegations and assertions that is virtually impossible to fact check without complete clips of the involved conversations.

Obama said that election fraud did not exist and the fake media needed to be prevented from influencing the outcome of elections.
The “fake media” Obama was talking about was not the real fake media that we come to know as Newsweek, Snopes, CNN (Clinton News Network), ABC or any of the other anti-Trump but Democrat supporting media services and blogs, otherwise known as MSM (Making Slaves Malleable).
Obama was talking about the likes of Drudge Report, Project Veritas, Zero Hedge, Brietbart, Daily Caller, Infowars, WND, Rense, Hagman and Hagman,The Savage Nation, The Gateway Pundit; in other words, every media outlet and commentator that questions the official narrative of the globalists.
Governments controlling the free press and the internet is not going to go away. The Democrats are seeking control of the internet in the US.
Facebook may not be government owned, but Zuckerberg colludes with the government, because he sees that this is in his best interests—we are told these people have our interests at heart.
There was a time when Bill Gates refused to become a member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and co-operate in the big picture to bring about the New World Order; consequently, Microsoft was being sued on different fronts.
Gates joined the CFR. He founded the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, then began to promote the agenda of the New World Order. Afterwards, Microsoft’s problematic and costly legal issues were miraculously resolved in Gates’ favor.
Now Bill Gates tours the world speaking on subjects such as vaccination and the need to protect children from population explosion—code for gardasil and sterilization and things of that nature to help the climate; sorry, depopulation.
Zuckerberg is not a sucker for punishment by the Seventh Floor Group, otherwise known as the Shadow Government.
We are told that such governments (as the Shadow Government) do not exist and everybody who says they do are called conspiracy theorists.
However, the tag of “conspiracy theorist” is not working as a means of social control, these days.
Too many people are breaking out of the stocks and they are not falling for the propaganda, because they realize a conspiracy is what corrupt governments have in mind for them.
The new term “Fake News” is what the pundits think might really do the trick. This way websites with fake news can make all sorts of allegations and people will be forced back to the fake news they can trustMakingSlaves Malleable.
Just in case people are confused who to blame, we are being told the “Alt-right” is at fault. The Alt-right are fabricators of fake news and therefore need to be outed for what they are.
Now that it has been established by Snopes.com that there were 200 people at a gathering and some of them raised their hands and said, “Heil Trump” (or did they say,”Hail Trump!”)—this implies that every anti-New World Order person is now a Nazi.
Fascism is a form of government that is designed to make the rich, richer, and the poor, poorer. Fascism is the worst kind of capitalism because this is where the government protects the totalitarian capitalists.
Socialism is the government, we are told, that looks after the workers and everybody lives in a land of Kumbaya—except it is not the Lord God Creator of the Universe who is doing the helping.
Rather, it is the corrupt socialists—fat-cat fascists who are now socialists—and central bankers helping themselves to the spoils while the rest of the population shop at empty storeseven when they have a delivery of goods.
Neither fascism, socialism or communism have anything to do with liberty. They are political ideologies, as is Islam.
True liberty comes from without this world and is secured within our hearts.
  • Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with the yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1 Jubilee Bible)
In the days to come, the New World Order will not be so much about empty stores, but whether or not you have the digitsor enough digitsin your implanted chip to buy the goods that you desire.
Now this digitized caper might seem like fake news, but digits are numbers, and if we do not have the right numbers on our hands, or on our foreheads then, if alive, we will not be able to buy or sell.
Those who oppose the message of the New World Order will find themselves in dire straits indeed. The Pope who supported Hillary Clinton speaks out about fake news.
One prediction of which we can be certain, the mark of the beast is coming, the writing is on the wall, only it willnot be enforced worldwide next year during 2017.
We really need to set up as many email networks as possible to keep open channels of communication, because the Shadow Government’s agenda is not going to be trumped by Trump.
When Rome starts talking openly about the sickness of copraphilia which is well known among its diseased priests, we know that the clan of the five arrows are planning something for the world.
Just in case we do not take this serious, the English spooks from MI6 have come out of the shadows to reinforce the meme that these people who reject the New World Order are a threat to democracy.

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