Cooling the Planet Through GeoEngineering the Real Global Warming.

Two pieces of information I came across some weeks ago were like missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that were required to complete the picture I was putting together regarding the fate of this planet.

Geo-engineers have been spraying the Arctic and Antarctica under the pretense of enhancing the environment. 
The same is happening with chem-trails. Cloud layer enhancement is being done in a supposed attempt to deflect radiation and heat from the sun.
Are scientists really so gullible?
Or are scientists so self-absorbed that they will do anything to ensure they remain employed.
Three scientists appear to have been too inquisitive and have disappeared as a warning to those who do not turnover and sell their souls. 
Now this could be fake news. However, I think not. 
If you have ever defrosted ice, you will know that it breaks up in unexpected places because of channels of water following the path of least resistance.
As documented and reported some time back, the Rothschild connection with the climate change propaganda is no coincidence. They have determined that climate change is going to be a key factor in bringing about a one world government.
When you realize how easily people have been fooled by the deception of the Obama’s being the ideal heterosexual family of four, it will not be difficult fooling every government to accept the lie that there is only one option to controlling the globe’s weather.
Controlling the money alone is proving to be not sufficient to control the nations of the globecurrency can be changed (e.g. bitcoin) and alternative forms of trading can be employed (e.g. bartering). 
Control the weather and you can bring nations to their knees; for everyone is affected by the weather. 
People do not go around saying for an icebreaker, “How is your bank balance?”
They would probably say, “Cold  (hot or humid or windy or lousy or wet or terrible) weather!”
 And sometimes: “What a glorious day!”
People think that the Rothschild’s have no influence in China. Yet Evelyn Rothschild controls the weather channel in China. 
By controlling the technology and forecasting what to expect the weather is going to do, while spraying the appropriate chemicals in the stratosphere to affect the troposphere or directly into the troposphere—as seen in chem-trails—not only is the atmosphere affected, so too is the ground and all that is on it.
In the Arctic and Antarctic, spraying has been taking place to supposedly rejuvenate the plankton which, as a consequence, has shown up with an increase in atmospheric biological aerosol particles.
Meanwhile studies are being done by scientists who report:
Why do so many scientists believe in man-made global warming? 
Many do not. But many do because they know that the world’s shadow government is interfering with the atmosphere.
Instead of pointing the finger at who is really causing the damage to the environment, scientists simply observe and analyze results to evaluate the effects and become alarmists with climate models to keep their jobs.
The climate change propaganda is stated with such conviction by those in the know because they are aware of who really are the ones affecting the climate to create man-made climate change.
How can we be so sure?
DARPA had a weather control facility in Alaska that was designed to figure out how to control the weather.
Coincidentally, Alaska is not too far from China, where the Rothschilds control weather broadcasts. Evelyn is heavily invested in Chinaand India.
The globalists tell us what they are doing, as they project their inner consciousness upon us, and say that unless we all do what they want us to do, we will have to sufferand, of course, they are so concerned about the poor.
The nationalist movements around the world are not part of the globalists’ plan. The globalists want to cover every base for the day they plan to take over the world and set up their government in Israel.
The UN declaration stating that the Temple Mount in Israel is Islamic is a distraction for what the Shadow Government really has in mind. 
The connection between Evelyn Rothschild, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, and the Clintons tells us how close the international bankers are to the swamp that Donald Trump claims he is going to drain.
The last trump is about to sound and the Feast of Trumpets is the beginning of the end-time harvest.
Then I looked, and lo, a white cloud, and seated on the cloud one like a son of man, with a golden crown on his head, and a sharp sickle in his hand.  And another angel came out of the temple, calling with a loud voice to him who sat upon the cloud, “Put in your sickle, and reap, for the hour to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is fully ripe.” (Revelation 14-14-15)

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