Happy here. The truth will set you free. Therefore I seek the truth. I look into and investigate matters to see what is good,right and true.

The one thing common to all is that we grow up with misconceptions about life. The truth is no one asked to be born just to die and then have to suffer because one is here on Earth. We all suffer in various ways for different reasons, but each one of us has a desire to know the truth about life and find justice in being born into a world condemned to suffering and death.

Truth is axiomatic. There is no other truth. If anything is not self-evident, then that is not truth. This is my understanding. If you agree, then you will find that much of what I have to share will be worth your consideration.

As I have already expressed, truth is axiomatic. Self-evident truth is the pain we feel. Others may not feel our pain, but we feel it. To us this pain is self-evident.

Relief from pain, if it does not turn into happiness—a state of bliss—the evidence will manifest and we will be back into experiencing pain. I hate pain. Not to many people enjoy pain.

There are three types of pain that I am accustomed. One is pressure. The second is severe. The third is intolerable. Intolerable pain motivates us more than the other two forms of pain. This is because pressure can become severe pain and yet we will still tolerate it. This is because we have become slowly conditioned to accepting the pain. But when the pain becomes intolerable, we will be motivated to remove it.

There is physical pain. Physical pain can be annoying, debilitating or crippling. Annoying pain is like when we stub a toe, scratch ourselves or possess a mild intermittent headache. Debilitating pain can be a bruise in our muscles, a sprain, a severe headache or a bone fracture. Crippling pain immobilizes us.

Psychological pain has to do with relationships. When we feel embarrassed, frustrated, angry, hurt, embittered, vengeful, hatred, these are considered to be psychological pains. These are result from interaction with other people and result from negative experiences.

Spiritual pain is also relationship pain. Only this time, the pain comes from beings that inflict inexplicable pain upon us. These manifest in headaches, aches and pains in our body and often result in physical deformities, such that affect our bones, create anxiety, fear, hatred, and anger when certain ideas are presented to us.

Spiritual and psychological pain have much in common and are close to synonymous, except spiritual pain affects our relationship with God.  Forgiveness, mercy, faith, generosity and patience are important attitudes that transform us spiritually and enable us to overcome psychological and physical pain more quickly.

What I am writing is my experience. To me this has become self-evident and is what I call axiomatic truth, even though it is subjective. Yet those who know me, they can speak objectively about me in a way that I cannot. Whoever reads what I write can objectively appraise what I stated.

I have written a number of books: The Only Words Written By The Finger Of God; The Prodigal Son; Shine Like A Star; The Milk Of The Word; The Lord Of Blessings; Saved By Grace Through Faith In Lord Jesus Christ—and as many more. I have also written numerous articles which have been published in magazines and on the internet.

Since my interests are to discover truth and be an advocate for the truth, I have what is called a philosophical bent. Many years ago, though, when reading philosophy, sociology, and economics, I came to the conclusion that much of it is the same information regurgitated in different terminology. The same applies to the many schools of psychology that I have given thought too. When researching comparative religion, once more I saw that people around the world lived much the same, even if their customs and specific cultures were different. Unity in diversity once existed throughout the world, but now diversity is being homogenized. Although Muslims are more than any other people less inclined to accommodate other beliefs or be syncretic as are the other manmade religions.

True religion is the quest for the truth. In this respect, true religion is scientific. True science is the quest for the physical truth, but not metaphysical truth. False science promotes theory as fact and is perpetrated by those who refuse to acknowledge that metaphysics is not the domain of physical science, which is to find out how things work and not establish the meaning for existence.

I have met Lord Jesus Christ. Just before He appeared to me, the first time, a loud voice said, “My prodigal son.” Lord Jesus Christ did not say anything but left the room through the ceiling, which became the night sky and went beyond the Milky Way in what seemed a long time but in fact was only a matter of a minute. I just watched him disappear and become a brighter light than the rest of the stars. When I thought to myself, He has gone passed the Milky Way, I found myself looking at the ceiling. Tears filled my eyes. I was babbling like a newborn baby. What seemed like a small voice, at the back of my head,said, “Go to bed now son.” I went to bed and when I woke in the morning, I had joy in the form of a pumped up elongated balloon going from my solar plexus up towards the top of my sternum. That joy is still there 40 years later. An axiomatic truth that I cannot deny.

Lord Jesus has appeared to me on a number of occasions since that time. I have been taught truths about God’s plan and the constitution of humans that are partially found in many places, but all seem to miss the mark sufficiently to create a let down.  I have had many spiritual experiences and visions and now my time has come to share much of what I have been shown.

My aim with this blog is to share my insights and what I have learned in life. I hope that they will be of benefit to all who read this blog and each person will come to experience the internalized joy that I do. Really, this blog is more about you, rather than me, even though I will be the one writing and sharing my experiences. For I want you to benefit from what I have to share.

Often when I write I tend to make occasional spelling mistakes, typos and miss or duplicate words. Even though I am a ten finger typist, I have a habit of reading what I thought I wrote all too often. If you find any mistakes or incorrect grammar, please notify me, so that I can correct it.

Subscribe to my weekly mail out, it is free. I endeavor to make everything free. Even if some of my books are for sale, you can always read copies free online. Those that are on sale have publishing, manufacturing and mailing costs attached to them.

May God bless you through Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior and the coming King.






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