How Those Who Reject The Truth Really Think

Within days after the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA assassination threats were abounding on twitter.

Professor Kevin Allred, a white person, started tweeting his desire to kill white people.

Then the self-righteous, God-less souls thought that rape was a better option and advocated rape on twitter, which allowed “Rape Melania” to trend after the site exploded from Trump assassination threats.

These hate-filled souls found an accomplish in Paul Schrader, the director of the films Taxi Driver (1976), Raging Bull (1980), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) and Bringing Out the Dead (1999) and another 27 feature films, as well as winner of 24 film awards, when he calls for violence and speaks of financing those who are willing to be violent.

Besides this, can you believe that so-called humane people tolerate and sanction this behavior?

The true nature of what people are really like abounds on social media and in the MSM—especially the true nature of those who do not know the Living God.

Before his election as President (rather than the treasonous criminal Hillary Clinton) people were not taking Donald Trump seriously, now they do, and look what happens: that which resides deep down in the hearts of humans governed by the god of this world starts to rise.

David Attenborough is seen as a lovely, gentle, kind man who really cares about animals and all life on this planet—so he says.

In 2015, Attenborough visited the White House to speak with President Obama.

In a cosy interview with US President Barack Obama, the two men chatted about the early seeds of their love of the natural world – and their struggles to preserve it. When asked about the experience of meeting the most powerful man in the world, Attenborough was exuberant.

We are told that David Attenborough has a love for the natural world, but he appears to have no qualms about shooting Donald Trump now that he has been elected President of the United States; as one report states:

However, the naturalist and beloved broadcaster has now given his assessment of the situation and suggested a way to counter the Republican’s ascent to power which, believe it or not, involves a gun.

In an interview with the Radio Times, the nonagenarian was probed about how we solve a problem like Mr Trump and quipped: “We could shoot him.”—Bididaya News

Naturalists claim they are concerned about the world: climate change, the creatures and plants that inhabit the globe. Yet when it comes to people, we are the problem and best exterminated; so the cowardly academics among them put out the meme so others might take it up.

Richard Dawkins believes he came from a monkey. Actually, Dawkins is famous for making a monkey of himself. And he can be very vocal about how those who do not believe like him are idiots—literally.

Dawkins delights in scoffing at other people who do not believe like him by saying that they are gullible and irrational because they believe nonsense; whereas he does not believe nonsense, for he only accepts scientific truth—so he says.

Dawkins, being the not-so-rational scientist he claims to be, reacted blindly and ignorantly, without thought, to the news that Donald Trump has now become the President Elect of United States by seeking to live in New Zealand.

He wrote a letter seeking citizenship as a New Zealander, claiming:

The contribution that creative intellectuals can make to the prosperity and cultural life of a nation is out of all proportion to their numbers. You could make New Zealand the Athens of the modern world.

Yes, dear New Zealand, I know it’s an unrealistic, surreal pipe dream. But on the day after U.S. election day, in the year of Brexit, the distinction between the surreal and the awfulness of the real seems to merge in a bad trip from which a pipe dream is the only refuge.


Richard Dawkins, founder and board chairman, Richard Dawkins Foundation

Some people are so full of themselves they overlook that what comes out of their mouths really does makes flowers grow in green pastures—especially on New Zealand dairy farms.

The Earthquakes in New Zealand would terrify the quisling Dawkings who, like all yellow-bellied atheists, has not the character to seek out God, even to demonstrate scientifically that He does not exist, lest he finds the Judge of all and has to come clean about his impure heart.

Richard Dawkings has been called “a secularist bigot” by his mentor from earlier years,  the ex-atheist Antony Flew, after he read this prophet of New Atheism’s book The God Delusion.

Antony Flew claimed that Dawkins was “more interested in promoting his personal views than finding truth”.

How could anyone (such as his previous mention) possibly possess such an idea about the all-knowing Richard Dawkings being full of himself?

Seeking truth requires us to be honest with ourselves. Antony Flew came to his senses and recognized that there had to be a Creator to the Universe, because the evidence is overwhelming—except to the intellectually deceived and spiritually blind.

We might claim we are seeking truth but we have to acknowledge that we will interpret everything according to our own perceptions of what life is about, or how we have been indoctrinated at the school we attended.

This is a truth none of us can escape, unless we begin by saying we do not know and allow the evidence to reveal its truth.

In fact, one man I know who claims that he checks the evidence, whose motto is to say, “I do not know”. He wrote to me and said that he has gone beyond the ridiculous notions of believing that we need to become children and acknowledge “we do not know the answers to life” in order to learn God’s plan and purpose for mankind.

According to him, he left all that nonsense (concerning loving one’s neighbor and the resurrection of the dead years ago) when he stopped attending a Roman Catholic school.

Contrary to popular belief, Roman Catholicism is a man-made religion that incorporates pagan ideas, as its hierarchy assumes superiority and absorbs whatever is necessary that belongs to a culture, so the organization can make easy conversions of the people over whom they seek to rule—in violation of what is written in the Bible—even claiming to be the Church of Christ on Earth.

What began with Constantine has not ended and the Roman Catholic preisthood taking the political highroad and doing the work of the Devil is well documented throughout history; as are the different practices found in westernized Roman Catholicism to Third World Roman Catholicism—not to mention the rampant hebephilia that persists from the Pope down: the reason for (Pope Benedict XVI) Joseph Ratzinger’s resignation.

But getting back to the man who wrote to me, who claims he checks the evidence. This supposed enlightened man of whom I speak, having thrown the baby out with the bathwater, now subscribes to the ideas of David Ike, who astro-theologist Jordan Maxwell claims plagiarized many of his ideas.

David Ike believes that aliens and human beings have interbred, there is a reptilian race that rules this world—pointing his finger at the British and European royal families and some invisible race of aliens to which they apparently belong, who are coming back to take over Earth.

The truth is every one of us begins life in this world without any knowledge of anything recorded in our spirits, which have been programmed by the Creator to recordeverything we say and do, and enable us to choose between right and wrong—or whatever we are conditioned to believe erroneously as right or wrong.

Humans are like computers that possess the programming of an operating system and its software. The software within each one can be overwritten to accept different worldviews for interpreting the world.

One truth we cannot deny is humans are born into this world and then they die, mostbefore they reach the age of 80 years. Isn’t this correct?

The Bible states that those who possess hatred in their hearts cannot know eternal life (1 John 3:15).

The Bible also states:

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” (Ps. 14:1)

What is amazing, so many people who are respected by the majority of the population because they are promoted in the media as great human beings, worthy of respect, hate individuals like the President Elect Donald Trump and do not believe God exists; yet they claim they are rational thinkers and not emotionally controlled by irrational beliefs.

Death reigns.

Seeking out our Creator is our only hope of eternal life and providing a purpose for our existence.

Thank God, Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead and we who are genuine of heart can encounter Him today.