Nobody Thought That These Jobs Would Go, But Robots Are Going To Take Over

Robots are being used to replace workers.  They are never late for work and can be replaced without unions or lawyers causing hassles. There are no gender issues. There is no discrimination. They do not go on strike. They do not steal.

Robots are cheaper, work 24/7 and do not require annual leave, compassionate leave or any other leave because of bereavement or illness.

One of the jobs that manufacturers found difficult to replace was that of sewing garments..

Material that is used to make clothes has no defined hard edges and not rigid enough for robots to be programmed to pick up and move around in a sewing machine.

The game has changed and a patent has been filed for a robotic arm that can do what sewers do. When this robot takes over a hundred million jobs will disappear.

How are people going to have money to spend if everything is made by a robot and more people are on the dole queues?

Throughout the industrial age, improvements have meant better living standards for people as they were paid more and acquired more sophisticated skills.

The information age also brought about new opportunities for people to learn new skills as old abilities were no longer required.

No longer is there the same need of paper for letters, books or newspapers. The paper industry has seen a massive layoff of employees from the introduction of computers and the internet.

Associated skills such as stenographers, typists and compositors are no longer required. Nor the need for the manufacturing of the equipment that was used and the office and factory space.

What is happening to countries around the world is people are becoming redundant. In the USA and Europe, people graduate from University only to discover that there are no jobs available.

Largely, this is because their jobs have been going overseas. Educated people from poorer countries who will work for less.

Seriously, what do you think is going to happen?

The only option will be to reduce the population.

Just look at what is happening as unskilled migrants from poorer countries flood into Europe and the United States, Canada and Australia.

Ostensibly, the Governments say that the immigrants are welcome to fill the manufacturing jobs that unemployed citizens refuse. But there will be no need for them because the robots will be cheaper, work 24/7, less trouble and are easily replaced.

Workers will have nothing to do. Maybe there will be flowers everywhere and peace will prevail across the West.

Ghettos exist because people have no employment, no money and not much hope of getting paid for doing work. Ghettos are war zones.

Islam we are told is the religion of peace. Well, this is what we are told, because in Islamic ghettos there is peace for all who are Muslim. And eventually there is a final peace for those who are not.

  • Take me not off with the wicked, with those who are workers of evil, who speak peace with their neighbors, while mischief is in their hearts. Psalm 28:3
  • “There is no peace,” says the Lord, “for the wicked.” Isaiah 48:22

George Bush thinks that people can knowingly deceive the populace and there is no reckoning afterwards. According to this member of the Bush crime family money trumps peace.

So what are the corporations going to do to make money when there are no jobs?

How are the bankers going to earn money on what they lend?

Maybe those in power have something else in mind and, there is a high probability, you and I are not included.

A record number nearly 95 million Americans were not in the United States of America labor force in May.

This is closer to 33% of the population and not just the workers. The official statistics claim that the less than 5% of the workforce are unemployed.

The truth is over 14 million Americans, closer to 20% of workers have become unemployed since Obama came into power, yet people are told jobs are increasing—for robots!